This Girl Can Campaign

So I was trolling Youtube on my break and came across this video on Sprinkle of Glitter’s page about the This Girl Can’ Campaign that Sport England is running to help encourage more women to get into physical activity. I did a bit of research about it and it sounds pretty awesome. I registered to receive some more information about the initiative but the general idea is that it is trying to get more women being active and having the confidence to go out and exercise, regardless of who’s watching.


I know my blog centres around weight loss and living healthier, but I have always been an advocate of being happy with your body just the way it is. I believe that as long as you are happy, then forget about everyone else.I wasn’t, so I did something about it. I know what its like to feel like you are being watched and to constantly worry about sweating when out in public exercising. I still get that feeling when you walk into a gym and see what I call ‘perfect physiques’ exercising. I used to wonder why they even bothered to exercise if they are that skinny.

It’s only since I’ve been doing the exercise regularly and spoken to some of these people that I have realised that not everyone who goes to the gym is there to lose weight. Some of them are there to tone, some are getting healthy to live longer and others are there to boost their overall wellbeing. There are a few who go because they enjoy it (I don’t think I will ever get this concept) but people go to the gym for their own personal reasons, its none of my business what they are.

The #ThisGirlCan campaign definitely sounds like something I wish to get onboard with and help promote because I have experienced the nervousness of wanting to exercise but being too scared to for fear of feeling and looking stupid. ‘This Girl Can’ promotes healthy living in numbers so you don’t have to do the exercise by yourself. Just get up, get your joggers on no matter how scruffy they are and get out and do something, anything. I guarantee you will feel empowered and more confident just by taking that first step.

#ThisGirlCan and I can too!




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