Candles to the rescue!

There’s something very soothing about having a lit candle beside you while you’re in bed relaxing.

This one smells of Parma violets and I got it as a birthday present a few years ago off an old colleague but have only recently decided to give it a whirl.
I have a small selection of candles that I love to burn when I’m feeling down, stressed, or just want a bit of clarity to something. Candles help soothe the mind and the soul I believe.

Top Tip:if you suffer from stress and anxiety,light a candle and as it flickers,practice slow deep breathing;in for 4 seconds through your nose and out for 6 through your mouth.As you breathe out,focus on the flame and think of the word RELAX. This helps to slow the mind so you’re ready for bed or just to calm racing thoughts. Do this for as long as you need to; I usually start with 10 and then see how I’m feeling.


Good night everyone; sleep well.


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