An Ode to Miranda (the TV Show)

Evening everyone.

I had to post as I feel this is something some of you may feel similarly about. I watched the final episode of Miranda tonight,not knowing that it would be the final ever episode and I have to say I welled up at the thought of it coming to a close.

For 5 years I have watched and laughed along with the alter ego of Miranda Hart onscreen in her sitcom and have taken solace in the fact that there are others out there like me who don’t quite fit in.


I have read the countless articles on how to fit into that neat little box of normality and perfection and the reality is, no one does.

Miranda taught me that regardless of your age,you should always strive to enjoy life’s every twists and turns,no matter what they may be.

I loved Miranda’s onscreen quirky personality and the way she would always see the good side of a bad situation and create comical jokes out of her own circumstances.

It upsets me that there will no longer be this light shining onscreen for all those women who never really got off on the right foot in adulthood. I’m one of these people.Working an office job when all I really want to do is write;and so creating little stories and ideas that play out in my head like my own sitcom. I am proud to be quirky and different;I don’t fit into those boxes of normality and neither did Miranda.

I will truly miss her comedic timing with her looks to the camera and the flick of her hair and especially her gallop. Most of all though,I will miss how Miranda made it feel ok to be a square peg in a round hole.She made me feel ok to be me and to be ok with the fact that I may not be following my intended path as I originally set out to do.

Miranda was my inspiration. It’s sad to know that she will no longer grace our screens with her lovable alter ego.
I would go so far as to say that she was a role model for all women and her carefree attitude to life has helped me see life for what it really is;fun.


Miranda please come back to our TV screens!



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