Boosting my immunity

Good morning everyone,

I just thought I would write a quick post while sat here relaxing at home as I had a minor epiphany.
Two nights ago around 8:30 I got sharp pains in my stomach and I instantly knew what it was;norovirus.

I had this two years ago over the Christmas period and it was really violent. I was constantly throwing up and had bad diarrhoea for about 2 days and then another day or so to was awful and exhausted me to no end.

This year I caught it again off the other half and prepared for the worst 48 hours ever.Granted,it sucked big time but it only lasted 24 hours which was fab!

So my immune system has definitely had a boost this year with my new healthy regime. I was glad because before I started all this,I was always ill.I always had a cold and whatever bug was going round,you could guarantee I would catch it.

So although being ill at Christmas sucked, realising the strength of my immunity gave me clarity;clarity that what I am doing is working for my body.

Kick ass immunity is awesome!



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