Not the best of weeks…

Morning all. Apologies for not updating you of late. Last week I lost 1lb, well 3/4 of one, so a loss, which is still good. I think however, this week, that I will have gained because I have eaten utter crap. I went to my work’s Christmas party on Friday and had a starter and a main with chips (I calculated and the food alone was my daily intake of calories) and then had several spiced rum and diet cokes so god knows what they are calorie wise. Then on Saturday for breakfast, I had a skinny mocha and a cheesy toasty from Costa and made the journey to come back home, as the party was down in Buckinghamshire.

3.5 hours later I got to Barnsley and went for a bit of shopping with the mister. He took me for dinner to a Thai cafe, which was lovely and I really enjoyed it. We never do anything like that so it was really nice. I had a Thai chicken dish but somehow managed to pick the creamiest dish on the menu, so that wasn’t good. I also had it with noodles BUT didn’t eat them all and gave half to Lee.

Then on Saturday night we watched Anchorman 2 with obligatory popcorn and crisps. Now I didn’t drink Saturday because I was knackered from travelling but Lee had bought peanuts so I scoffed some of them too (I know how bad peanuts are for you calorie wise but ate them anyway). I can’t actually remember what we had for tea but I doubt it was good.

Then Sunday I had a big veggy dinner which was actually not that bad but then had mini Toblerone bites after. NOT GOOD!


So basically my week has been utter crap but yesterday I got up and went to the gym, despite wanting to do everything but, and I actually had a good workout. It is definitely harder to go to the gym at this time of year because you just want to go home and get warm with TV and chocolate and a blanket. It must be some sort of hibernation thing we go through.

I will be going to the gym today but when I get weighed in the morning, if the scales say I have put on, I will know why. I am predicting a gain of 2lb’s, which will make me sad but at least I will know why. There’s nothing worse than weight gain when you can’t pinpoint how you’ve put on.

So anyway, here’s to a good day today and hopefully not too bad a gain in the morning. I will update you tomorrow regardless of how good or bad it is, I promise!




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