Weight loss stressing you out?

I was reading this article this morning and thought I would share it with you. I get regular emails from this website called Spark people which help brighten my day.I get all sorts coming through like how to reduce stress and foods to eat to boost your metabolism. Some of the articles are quite interesting. This morning I came across this:

‘Is Weight Loss Stressing You Out?’ 

and instantly thought, ‘yes!I feel like I’m just going through the motions lately.’ So on I clicked through to read the article.

It contained a quiz about weight loss expectations and the way you see your weight loss and what you are doing to achieve it. I completed the quiz and got 6/12. If you read through the article, it says that if you got 7 or more, then your weight loss expectations are realistic and you are on the right track. I,however am slightly on the unrealistic side as to what I expect. From this quiz, I got that, although I am very proud of my weight loss this year, I wanted more out of it. Also I answered true to the question about believing that when I hit my target weight is when I will feel successful.

I know this isn’t right as I should feel like I have achieved by now because I have.

I also scored a 0 on question 6 about believing that weight loss will solve other problems because I felt at first it did. It solved a lot of issues I had with my body and moving about but I need to remember that weight loss is not the be all and end all of my life. It’s difficult sometimes because I feel that unless I am on it ALL THE TIME, then I will slip up and put the weight on. It has taken almost a full year to lose 5 stone; that’s a lot of hard work to just put it all back on and its that which I am afraid of really.


The article goes on to talk about how seeing weight loss as the solution to all life’s problems is an issue in itself because that puts pressure on every little occurrence that threatens to throw you off pace. Things such as a weight gain or having chips instead of salad or feeling guilty as sin because you feel you haven’t worked as hard as you could have in the gym; all these are issues I face. All this extra stress about the daily issues is not helpful for weight loss and also is not really worth stressing about in the first place.

Then I read this;

‘The belief that you have to lose weight before you can start living the life you want only keeps you from creating that life right now.’

It’s right!I know common sense dictates this but for someone who is on a lifelong weight loss journey, it is easy to lose sight of what you are put on this earth for.

The article ended on the perfect note,explaining how healthy eating and exercise should be just a small part of how you look after yourself as a valued human being.


‘A big part of making a successful lifestyle change is putting your weight in meaningful perspective—and you can start doing that right now!’

This article reminded me that, although I’m having small weight gains currently and may not be operating with maximum effort, the bigger picture looks good. I am a lot healthier than this time last year, I go to the gym 3 times a week and sometimes go walking too and I feel a lot happier in myself.

It’s all about reducing the impact that occasional slip ups have on you mentally. Looking at weight loss being the chalice of happiness is wrong. Happiness is a journey not an end point where we feel successful from what we see on the scales and I think I had lost site of that. So do the quiz and see where you come out; you may be surprised. I was!




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