Stomach Exercises

Hi all!

I’ve been asked what the best exercises are to do for your stomach. When I first started, I was just glad for the weight to come off but as my body shape changed, I realised I needed to target and focus on certain areas and my lower stomach in particular flops about a bit (apologies for the visual there). So here are a few tips if you want to try them out (bear in mind I am not a fitness instructor so you should check everything with the gym instructor or your doctor before doing so).

All you need is a mat or something to lay on.

Right, lay down on the mat with your hands underneath your bum. Lay your legs flat out with toes pointed up to the ceiling. With legs together slowly raise them up straight and back down again (don’t let them rest on the floor). Do this 20 times at a moderate pace, making sure you don’t go too high, just a light upwards and downwards motion.

Next exercise. Again, laid on your back with hands under your bum. Legs straight out with toes pointed straight. Now raise and lower alternate legs (see pic below) and do this 20 times (each upward motion counts as 1).






Now, still on the mat, turn over onto your knees like this:






Now, starting with your left leg and keeping at a 90 degree angle, pull your knee up to your chest and then back out so the heel of your foot faces the ceiling (I hope this makes sense). It will sort of create a swinging motion, keeping your knee bent whilst you move your knee up to your chest and then back out with your foot touching the sky. Do this 10 times on each leg, 20 if you can and then rest.

Ok, that’s 3 to get you going for your stomach. If you want some more, then check out my previous post on sit ups with Medicine balls. I find that if you finish off with some of these stomach exercises, then you will feel the benefit and your stomach will go down.

I hope this helps and if you need any further guidance or tips, then by all means get in touch via here or my FB Page. Remember, before doing any exercises that you have not done before, it is advisable to speak to your GP or the instructor at your local gym. I am not a doctor; I just offer help on exercises I have done but everyone is different and you all have your own body, so only you know what you can or can’t do.

Speak soon!




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