BOO! Weigh Day Wednesday

Good morning Weight loss Warriors.

As you may have guessed from the title of today’s post,I had a gain.
I got on the scales this morning and staring back at me was 17 stone 1.5lb;so I’ve put 1.5lb on this week.
I have to admit I was surprised because I thought I had done well;but then I thought back over the past week and remembered bonfire night and how much I had to drink,along with the pie and peas and bonfire toffee that passed my lips. I thought I would be ok having these treats as on previous occasions,I have managed to ‘cheat the scales’ so to speak.I know this isn’t the right way to think about weight loss but it’s those times when, you think you’ve had a crap week and that you’ll gain,you get on the scales and lose!These weeks set me up in bad stead because I think if I can get away with this then I can get away with other things (if that makes sense).

I’m not going to dwell on this because it never helps.I had my bit of being fed up for 5 minutes this morning after stepping off and now I am determined to try extra hard for the next weigh in.
I still want a loss of 6 stone by the end of this year and have just over a stone to lose to get that.I know I can do it if I try hard and make sure I choose healthy options.I think sometimes it’s important to remind yourself of the basics;like portion size,calorific value and the types of foods you go for.That’s what I plan on doing anyway!

Here’s a pic to show you all my journey so far and also to remind myself that 1.5lb gain is nothing in comparison to my whole weight loss.


If you have had a gain recently and can’t seem to get out of your wallowing in self-pity,stop it right now! No one else will feel sorry for you.The strangers don’t care if you’ve put on a lb (how are they gonna know?!) Your clothes won’t start calling you names. The only thing that stops you living a healthy lifestyle is you.And if,like me,you have a bad week;remember this journey is for life.Its not just a diet;it can’t be because then you will always feel like you are missing out on something.Enjoy your life in a healthy way and you will never miss out on anything.
Come on guys,let’s pick ourselves up and keep plodding away because it will happen. Here’s to a better result next week!


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