Friday Faux Pas

Afternoon All, Hope you’re having a lovely Friday, whether you’re at work or college or just sat at home (you lazy people!).

The reason for this post is that, from experience, Fridays and the subsequent weekend can be difficult to remain on track and the tendency to ‘treat’ yourself can be overwhelming.

Firstly, this whole idea of a ‘treat’ frustrates me because, at the end of the day, the whole point of losing weight shouldn’t feel like a diet where you have a day off every week.


Secondly, like many others, I struggle more on a weekend because I have more time to sit and think about food. I think about food all the time but on a weekend, I could eat to my heart’s content (or discontent rather). Weekends are a time for relaxation and offer the chance to unwind with friends, family and partners. Often however, those times involve alcohol and food; or at least they do at my house!

I’m not gonna say, ‘you can stop weekend munching with these 3 tips’, as I know everyone is different and it just doesn’t work that way. Life gets in the way sometimes and things happen that can’t be avoided. This weekend, for example, I will be attending my sister-in-laws house for a Bonfire night get together. I plan on having a drink (my drink of choice is cider) and eating some food. I’m not gonna look at a burger and think, ‘oo I wonder how many calories are in that!’ because it ruins the night! I think what I’m trying to get across is that,yes enjoy yourself by all means but don’t let the whole weekend go and then  begin again on Monday morning because you will be setting yourself up to do that as part of routine and that is no healthy way to live.

What I am saying is, enjoy yourself if you have an event planned but instead of having loads of cakes or buffet food, try to limit yourself to a bit or have more salad on your plate instead. If that sounds awful, then enjoy your night but remember that you will have to work harder to ensure you still get a weight loss and remain on the right path to living healthier. Also, we all see what we put in our bodies and if it looks bad, imagine the effect that will have on our insides (I know I sound preachy).

I think it’s all about the balance between shoveling food all weekend and enjoying it with some control still intact. And if I have a terrible weekend in terms of gluttony, I will tell you because everyone has bad times while on their own paths to weight loss. So there’s no point me sitting here preaching, if I can’t share my lows as well as the highs.

So, this weekend, when you get home, have a glass of wine definitely if that’s your drink of choice; have that takeaway if you REALLY need it. Just remember, everything in moderation and if you can get through a weekend without eating/drinking too many bad things then you’re onto a winner.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great bonfire weekend!





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