Weigh Day Wednesday 5/11/14

I lost 2.5lb!woooooo!so my current weight is now 17 stone dead.I have a piddly quarter of a lb to lose for 5 stone.That’s a good poo as far as I’m concerned!

My Monitor your weight app:free to download here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/monitor-your-weight/id413313086?mt=8

So now I am on track to lose one more stone before Christmas for my target of 6 stone in a year.It doesn’t sound like a lot over a year when you hear about these people who lose 11 stone in 12 months but it’s perfect for me.I have tried to lose weight for life,not to fit into that dress and I think that’s helped me.

I went shopping with Marcia (one of my besties) on Saturday and we ate a lot!But I thought, “I’m not denying myself,I just have to make sure I get back on track after”. We all have times when eating healthily just won’t do;like at a birthday party,a family gathering or a girls shopping day out.I love my food;that relationship will never change.

I will never see food as only fuel for my day because I appreciate it too much. It’s just about keeping those boundaries in place to ensure you don’t completely fall off the wagon;although I do at times but I’m only human!

Food is a part of life, you just have to make sure it doesn’t rule your life.




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