Grab A Mate

Yesterday one of my bestie’s joined my local gym, hurrah! We arrived, she paid, we went upstairs and got our gym on!

I was so happy because it helped me regain a bit of my motivation that I seemed to have lost after coming back from holiday. We were both on the stationary bike and just because she was there, I felt myself trying harder. This can only be a good thing in my eyes because it should mean my fitness gets better!

In hoping this will be good for both of us because it’s nice to have a friend come to the gym with you.It’s also good because my moomaa has just started a new job at the school where our gym is so she comes a lot earlier now and I don’t get to see her as much.

If you’re nervous about joining a gym,start slow and go walking with a friend or relative on an evening and then,if you can,join a local, small, independent gym because from my experience,they are a lot less intimidating and tend to be cheaper too.

So Grab A Mate if you can,it really does help!

And don’t forget, that feeling you get when you leave the gym is priceless!




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