Simple suppers

Had to do a quick post because I wanted to say just how tasty simple meals are sometimes and how satisfying they can be.
I have just had a jacket potato with beans on;and it was beautiful!So simple and yet so nommy!

I made it my way by adding some smoked paprika,a spoon of red pepper cottage cheese,light primula squirty cheese and some of the best thing in the world ever that can make any meal fantastic…Henderson’s Relish.
I’m not even sure if you can get it outside Yorkshire but it is a gorgeous tangy,spicy sauce that turns any meal into something awesome! Here’s a pic of ot

It was smaller than what I normally have but tomorrow morning is weigh day so every little helps!
Don’t take simple suppers for granted because when you’ve had a long day at work or just generally cannot be bothered to chop a load of salad,there’s no harm in bunging a tin of soup in the microwave or warming up some spaghetti hoops on the hob.

I am an advocate for lazy meals because we all need an easy slimming day sometimes right?



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