300 Calories in 20 minutes

Right, so as the title suggests, last week was a first for me. I normally measure my daily intake in terms of Calories but when I’m at the gym I don’t tend to look at calories because they take FOREVER to register on any of the machines I’m using and it feels like I’m not getting anywhere.

So I was a bit gutted when our instructor, Danny, suggested we do this mini challenge on the treadmill.

There was me and my mum, slightly quaking in our boots (actually my mum seemed well up for it); we got on the treadmill and Danny put the Level to 4, Speed to 7 and set us on an interval style programme with hills and stuff. We had to keep at 7 for our minimum and try and burn 300 calories within a timescale of 20 minutes.

I felt for my mum because she’s only got short legs bless her but after about 7 minutes, I broke my first 100 and she was past 60 so I was like woo!

Note: If you’ve ever done the interval programmes on the treadmills, you will know that you see the different levels on the screen for the hills that are coming up. That feeling when you can see a 7.5 incline hill coming up is horrible and then you have to push yourself so hard to get through it all to see the 3.5 incline on the other side.

I hate doing programmes on the treadmill that involve hills because, well, hills are the devil! But I suppose they will help build stamina. Anyway, I managed to burn 300 calories in approx 18 minutes 41 seconds from what I remember. My mum did it in just over 20 minutes but considering shes only 5ft 4 (I swear she’s shorter but that’s her height according to her) I think she did massively well.

It was good to see it from a different perspective rather than in time or in miles. Calories are something I understand and can picture in my head. The first thing I remember saying to my mum is, ‘ That’s not far off a Happy meal’ which of course made her chuckle.

I would definitely suggest trying a calorie workout if you do go to the gym just to see what you can burn in a set time. I was surprised. 300 calories is a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps, almost. So it’s worth thinking about if you really feel the need to indulge in the bad stuff because the guilt weighs less if you have just power walked for 20 minutes beforehand!

Good Luck everyone and keep Slimming it Your Way!




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