Shocker In My Mailbox


aa178206-8235-4167-ba8f-29359d3bec8eThis past week I was phutzing around the house and saw something.

“What’s this?” I asked my wife.

I held it up in the light to see if it was real.

I felt the sharp edges, the texture. Wow.

In this day of high tech, I figured, maybe just maybe it could do something like talk or sing.

So I shook it back and forth.  But no. It couldn’t do anything. Weird.

It made me feel as if I was back in 1984, standing at a pay phone, smelling like Drakkar Noir, sporting a pair of white Guess jeans pegged at the ankles.

Her friend Katie had taken the time to write us a letter, address an envelope, get a stamp, and walk to the mailbox to mail it.

Any of those actions might dissuade a human being in the year 2014, but not Katie.  In some small yet truly…

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