So I got weighed…

Considering its been a bank holiday and there have been many temptations, my weight gain of 1.5 lb’s feels like a success for me.

I am not advocating weight gain is all fine and dandy but I had a lot to drink this weekend and I drank every day. Also I couldn’t go to the gym on Monday as it was a bank holiday, I couldn’t go to the gym yesterday as I had to go out on a work night out, which involved bowling and a meal at Frankie and Benny’s of all places.

Glowing lights of glory
Glowing lights of glory

I had a healthy starter: chicken and lettuce balls; but my main was a monstrosity of cheese, barbecue sauce, fries,pulled pork/beef, chicken and onion rings…oh and a mini corn on the cob for good measure. I found myself scraping the cheese meltyness off the chicken. Before I would have scoffed it but now I enjoyed my food and even left some! (If I had not been with my work colleagues, I would have devoured the meal in its entirety, including the cheese, but that’s besides the point) I even only had one alcoholic beverage and switched to Diet Coke after. Who am I?!

Anyway, I am forcing myself to go to the gym today as I need to get back on track and will be going Thursday and Friday too to get my 3 days in. It seems part of my life now; I don’t just mean the gym either. I naturally pick up the healthier yoghurt in the supermarket. I check the nutrition details of everything I eat. I use hardly any mayo as it’s an evil I can live without for the most part. I even did some skipping on Monday to make up for not being able to go to the gym. Who would willingly do exercise at home?!?!Me apparently.

So this next week, I am going to reduce my alcohol intake, have more spirits in place of wine and try not to give in to temptation too much. Life is for living, not for counting calories; not all the time anyway!

Good luck with your week of slimming Weight Warriors!



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