Weigh Day Wednesday 20/8/14

It’s Weigh Day Again Slimmers!

I had a good week for food apart from one day on Sunday when we ordered a Chinese takeaway. To be fair, Lee’s daughter has been up for a few days so it was a one-off treat. I had hot and garlic chicken with special fried rice, a few chips and a bit of special curry but my portion was good and I tried to pick the least offensive foods for my stomach to digest.

I must admit I had a drink Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that would have added to a lower calorie loss.

I lost 1 lb and 3/4 so have gone from 17 stone 10.5 to 17 stone 8.75 so not a bad effort after losing 5 lb the previous week. (Check out last week’s post https://slimmingitmyway.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/i-did-it/) I am 2 lb and 1/4 away from 4 and a half stone which would be an amazing feat. If I can have lost 5 stone by the end of September I will be giddy. I am going out on a hen party with some friends who I haven’t seen in over a year on the 27th I think so it should be a bit of a shock for them.

I haven’t really been doing anything differently but have felt a bit deflated this week I must admit. We all have those days where we just want to be able to eat what we like and not put any weight on. Unfortunately for me I can never do that. I would love to gorge on a greasy pizza and be able to eat carbohydrates just before bed but now I know the consequences of these actions, I cannot allow myself to have them. Maybe I should let myself have that bag of Doritos instead of the Quavers every now and again. Do you know what I mean? I guess I need to appreciate the treats more when I do have them; that way I can savour them for longer before going back to eating healthily.

I keep telling myself this is a lifestyle and not a diet but you can’t help but think you are denying yourself all these foods and missing out on these flavours. If this ever happens to you, just remind yourself that you ate terribly for long enough and now is the time to set things right. Yesterday I bought myself a bag of Jellytots as a treat because I just wanted something bad for me. Moderation is key; never let yourself get to that point where you feel you’re gorging  on all the wrong foods but allow yourself to have what you want every  now and again.

Think I’m going to renew my motivation for food this week and try a few new recipes to hopefully boost my efforts in weight loss while ensuring my taste buds do not get bored.

Have a fantastic slimming week everyone. Moderation is key! Check out these two quotes to boost your motivation.






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