Mango Chicken-Easy Peasy Mango Squeezy!

Hello fellow Slimmers and Readers alike,

New Recipe Alert! I got to my mum’s house on Sunday and she greeted me with 4 overripe mangoes, ‘they need using up’,  she said. So I did what I always do and researched Mango recipes. This is what I found.

I used all the same ingredients but instead of making the mango sauce separate, I mixed it in with the chicken and cooked it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. It was gorgeous. My only regret is that I didn’t take a snapshot of my genius! So here is a picture of a mango instead.

Serious Mango Madness
Serious Mango Madness

I didn’t make coleslaw as I didn’t have the stuff to make it from scratch. I stored the chicken in the fridge and had it on a bed of salad last night as a post-gym treat. It was nommy, although a bit dry. Maybe next time I will save some Mango sauce to pour over at the end!

I definitely recommend this recipe, the lime juice on the chicken counteracts the sweetness of the mango and your taste-buds will do a little dance for the flavour!

Have a go Weight Warriors!



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