Help Curb my Sweet Tooth Cravings

Hello Slimmers,

If you’re like me, you have those days where you just cant shift your hunger and you need something bad for you, be it savoury or sweet. My craving is for the latter; today is one of those days. Some lovely person on my Facebook page posted this picture:

Caramel Cake:-kinda want to dive face first into this.
Caramel Cake:-kinda want to dive face first into this.

A bit of context; she has her own bakery, in which she and her sister create all sorts of wonderful goodies that look simply indulgent and a sweet tooth vagrant’s dream. If you love sweet stuff and are local to the Barnsley area, then go check them out>>>>> OK, enough of the shameless promotion. 😀

Although, they are fantastic at what they do, this picture just made me want to eat a vat of caramel with whipped cream on top. It’s days like today that my cravings are at their height and it is difficult to shift the thought of eating something so decadent, you drift into a sugar fueled hypnosis.

So my question. What do you eat when a granola bar just won’t do? How do you curb that craving of wanting to eat a Kit Kat Chunky or an eclair? I would love to hear your thoughts as my stomach is currently screaming for something sweet and naughty.

I have fruits galore,and have a stock pile of go ahead bars and oaty bars but I try to keep these to a minimum as they aren’t that low on calories. I guess I need to find the balance between indulging every once in a while and completely losing the plot and going on a chocolate roller coaster back up in weight.

Please help!

On a separate note, Sweet Sisters Bakery cater for all occasions, including birthdays,weddings and every day nommies. Seriously, they are talented. If you’re local to South Yorkshire, make a trip there. The link is above!I will stop the promoting now sorry guys.

SIMW x I await your advice on curbing my sweet tooth!


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