As you might have guessed by the headline, I did it.

photo 1 (4)
That’s what’cha call crazy eyes happy!

I LOST 4 STONE!I got on the scales this morning and saw 17 stone 10.5 lb’s; that’s a loss of 5lb.

I tried extra hard at the gym last night and ended up staying for an hour and half; normally only stay for an hour tops or I’m in agony the day after. However, the gym instructor is back off his holidays and so got us doing lots of different exercises to change it up a bit.

I have to say, when I got on the scales and saw that number, I teared up a bit because I couldn’t actually believe I had done it.I haven’t weighed this since I was about 16-17 so it is a massive thing for me. I weigh less than before I went to uni. I am this far away from fitting into the size 20 Primark skinny jeans I have at home (I can get them on and button them up but I can’t exactly move around much in them) and I feel amazing.

I am happier than I’ve ever been because I have a good job, a loving partner, a fab family, some crazy friends and now my health tops it all. I think my uncle would be proud of me. The main thing now is to not get complacent and keep going because this has happened before when I’ve lost some weight. I think well I’ve done the hard work now, I can relax a bit. NO! This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle, which means those sorts of thoughts are poison. This is my new lifestyle and I love all the things I can do now. Simple things like being able to walk to the bus stop without breaking a sweat or sitting on a chair and not worrying it’s going to snap.

There’s still a long way to go and I am under no illusion about that, so now it’s time to step it up. If anyone would like to join me, I will be the one attempting to run in Holy Trinity Gym! 😉

Keep going those of you who may have lost your motivation; it happens to all of us (just check out my progress post from last week). It will happen, you just have to be patient and do not see this as a diet. It is a lifestyle choice; choice being the important word. You are in control of your own destiny (yes I am aware of how cheesy that sounds) and you are the only one who can change what you eat and how active you are.

PEP TALK OVER, I’m going to have some wine tonight,I bloody well deserve it!

That people is the most genuine smile I have ever given.
That people is the most genuine smile I have ever given.



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