Bananas are amazing!

Right, just a short post but had to share because I am dumbfounded. I knew bananas were good for you but never realised just how brilliant they are!


Follow this link

And then come back as shocked and awed as I did.

Maybe some context would help. I don’t feel fabulous today, coupled with problems with my contact lenses and possibly having a mild sickness bug/food poisioning, I tend to google ways to help me if I’m not feeling up to much. So I had a banana at work and googled ‘benefits of bananas’ just because I’m a bit sad like that.

The top things that stuck out at me were:

  • Bananas contain tryptophan, which when eaten is converted into serotonin (the happy chemical in your brain) so they help prevent depression
  • They reduce swelling due to the B-6 vitamin.
  • They help you poo when you’re constipated
  • They sooth your digestive tract and help replace electrolytes after diarrhoea
  • Bananas make you smarter!
  • They reduce nausea from morning sickness

Bananas also stop you from snacking between meals as they’re really filling and stabilise your blood sugar. So you’re a bit unlucky if you’re either allergic to, or don’t like bananas because they are simply amazing!




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