Wednesday Weigh In

I put on a lb.:/ I did what I always do when I’m anxious and got weighed on the Monday night after the gym (a completely pointless task) and was 17 stone 12 and 3/4lb’s so I was like yay,even though I knew it would change.


Then on Wednesday, I got on the scales and from last week I’ve gained a lb so my new weight is 18 stone 1.5 lb’s.

Tasha is not happy at all; its my own fault for ‘enjoying life’. Seriously though, it’s not as bad as I initially thought it would be but the rest of this week has been filled with low cal stuff, no takeaways and I don’t have an event to go to this weekend so there is no reason to eat badly. I’m going to the gym tonight with the mooma and then having something light and easy when I get home because tomorrow is Friday and Fridays are relaxation days!

I will continue to use the MyfitnessPal app that I recently downloaded to help me track my intake of food and it seems to be working ok but I will only know as of next Wednesday when I get weighed. I want my 4 stone so bad and look at the calendar the other day and I’ve only lost 4lb this month, which is shit for me.

I know any loss is good but sometimes you want it to be more, so now I need to look at my portion size as I’m clearly eating too much still.There’s no point exercising if I’m still eating the same amount because it cancels itself out and erases all the hard work you put in.

So goals for this week moving forward:

1.cut my portion size slightly

2.go to the gym 3 times

3. Keep an eye on the foods I am snacking on

And hopefully this time next week, I will be a few lb’s lighter!

Speak soon Weight Warriors.

SIMW x (a little chubbier than last week)


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