Weekly Weigh In

Right better late than never but my weigh in from last week resulted in a 3.5 lb loss. YAY woo and hurrah!

The thing I did differently?I had no cider and no takeaways and made my own Friday night meal to avoid wanting to order from Just Eat.

So ,as of last Wednesday, I weigh 18 stone, 1/2 lb. I have a lb to lose to get my 4 stone.  Also, when this does happen, it will be the first time I see the 17’s since I was about 17 years old. I’m 24 so this is a massive thing for me.

However, a few mishaps since getting weighed may mean that I have to wait another week to get my 4 stone glory. I went for an Indian at my local curry house for my cousin’s birthday but I did have the healthiest stuff I could possibly have. I had a lamb tikka starter, tandoori mixed tikka which is basically grilled spicy meat with no sauce. I had raita (a yogurt and mint dip) and 2 chapatis,but gave half of one to my mum. I also avoided the cider and only had vodka and diet coke.

If anyone knows roughly how many calories are in what I had, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s so difficult to approximately guess how bad a night I had when takeaways are all different.

Also, then on Saturday I went to Newcastle for a gig with my partner. We stayed in a hotel; I was good drinks wise. I had 2 pints of cider and 1 bottle of desperadoes and then just a pint of Diet coke so I didn’t think it was too bad. Then on our way back to the hotel, we got a takeaway. I said from the beginning that I wanted a chicken not doner kebab as chicken isn’t as bad and I had it with chilli sauce instead of garlic (which is what I normally have). The only thing with this was that it came in an absolutely massive portion, I ate half and then left the rest.

Overall, I think I’ve done really well to avoid temptation but I still think I may have maintained this week as I had a day off the gym last week and took the dogs for a walk instead with my mum;although it was still exercise, I felt I didn’t work as hard as I do when I’m at the gym.

So my plan for the next two days is to try to work hard at the gym and keep my calories intake to a minimum to see what the scales say on Wednesday morning.

I’ll keep you updated!



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