Guilt Trip?!

Firstly I meant to post this the other day when I was feeling a bit crappy,so rewind 4 days…..Why do I feel so guilty about wanting to have a day off the gym???3 days a week is good enough right? I’m not making excuses but everyone needs a break from time to time don’t you think?
Would love someone else’s advice on this matter.
Those of you who have been in a gym routine for a while after changing your lifestyle,do you feel this way sometimes? You really don’t want to have to go to the gym 4 days on the trot and just want a day off for once.
I’ve noticed since I started I have let my hobbies fall by the wayside.i love reading,listening to music and sewing;GOD I MISS SEWING!They have all but vanished from my daily routine because I’m getting home from the gym so bloody late,I have time to make tea and that’s it.:( I’m flopping on the sofa and them going to bed later because I need my wind down.Feeling a bit poowah but trying to be optimistic…..note I didn’t go to the gym that day or the day after and just stuck to my 3 days.thoughts?



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