Planning Meals

OK so yesterday I went crazy with the hubby making meals in mass for the week ahead. Altogether we made:

  • A curry base to make three curries with
  • Szechuan Beef
  • Sausage Casserole
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

I used a base to make a Kofta Curry, which we had last night. It was lush!

Although there was a heck of a lot of prep, I know its gonna be worth it because when I come home late from the gym, It can just be reheated and eaten, which is my favourite thing to do on an evening.

Granted, if you’re not feeling particularly energetic, it can become irritating with all that chopping. However, it is definitely worth all the work you put in on a weekend because then you can sail through the work week. 🙂

I might put up the curry base recipe later if anyone wants to batch make some and freeze it for future use. Have a go at meal planning. I have and I’m hoping it’ll make life losing weight that little bit easier 🙂



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