Had to Pick myself back up

I have to apologise for my lack of activity lately. Not sure why I haven’t been posting. But I’m here now and that’s the main thing.I think I lost my motivation slightly; partly because I have been going to the gym alone a lot as my mum and best friend haven’t been going. It’s really tough to stay motivated when you’re on your own, that’s a given.

I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon by no means, but maybe just need a little gentle encouragement and something to remind me why I’m doing this. I know why obviously but sometimes you become complacent. It just happens.


Right, enough of feeling sorry for myself. A lot has happened recently which attributes to my lack of motivation. My best friend found out she was pregnant, which of course, is fantastic. She isn’t going to the gym anymore for obvious reasons but may come back when she knows what she can and cant do.My mum has had a lot on with planning for my sister’s 21st party which happened this weekend just gone. Now this week she has been decorating the same sister’s new house so hasn’t been going to the gym. She probably won’t be going tonight either as she has Slimming World but ah well.

Yeah so anyway, my sister’s 21st was Hawaiian themed and so, rather than being good and resisting, I decided to let my hair down and enjoy the night. So after a booze and fruity cocktail fueled evening with a lot of pizza in my belly, I woke up Sunday feeling really deflated. After changing my lifestyle for 6 months, my body didn’t like the alien food in my system and even though I wasn’t hungover, I just felt a bit crap.

So, I decided to try extra hard to try and minimize the damage on Wednesday Morning’s weigh in. I got weighed this morning and have lost half a pound from last Wednesday when I also lost half a pound. So, although it’s slow, I’m telling myself, at least its going in the right direction. This is only because I busted my bum at the gym doing more than usual.

I’m feeling stronger and my silhouette is becoming more favorable and hourglass shaped as opposed to the apple I was previously. I have also recently sold a few of my favourite dresses on Ebay, just because I now look stupid in them and they deserve to be re-homed.

I tried to go back to basics this week with the content of what I am consuming. I am measuring my cereal,cutting out bread, having diet drinks instead of normal. I even invested in some sweet chilli rice cakes from Aldi to curb my cravings….THEY ARE GORGEOUS!


So, I am going to try harder again and try and keep motivated despite my family falling by the wayside. The only motivation I need is what I see in the mirror every day and I have to remember why I am doing this. I want to fit in those clothes in the majority of the shops, instead of the dark corner at the end where fat people go. I want to be able to buy a bra that isn’t like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to my size. I want to be able to zip up my jeans without that massive overhang I currently have. I want to carry on feeling healthy, fit and strong and want to reach my goal and stay there. *PAUSE FOR INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC* I want to feel good about myself and not feel like everyone is judging me because of my size.

Feeling a bit emotional today I guess. Current Weight 18 stone 4.5lb’s





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