A good week

Today was the weekly weigh day but I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t erm voided the previous day’s food if you know what I mean.I got on the scales and was met with a 2lb weight loss,which means that I am ever closer to my next target of 4 stone.
I’ve gotten to the point now where the majority of my healthy lifestyle is,well exactly that: a lifestyle.
I don’t think about the ‘naughty list’ that often because I still have some of my favourite things. Of course I’ve curbed the takeaways but I now make my own and still get the flavour. No one ever said it would be easy.After all,people like me who love all or most food,will find it really hard.
You’re basically re-training your brain to say, “if I make it,I know exactly what goes into it”,that way you can’t cheat yourself out of syns/points/calories that you could savour on something really indulgent.
As someone who could quite easily pile the weight back on by bingeing,I know what it’s like when your skinny friends are sat there drinking sugary cocktails and eating chocolate like its nobody’s business.I feel your pain when you realise you are the fat one,even when your friends tell you they wish they had your hair or your eyes.I used to think,”that’s a minuscule part of my body you like,I wish I was skinny like you and everyone else”.
Always wanting to be like everyone else,when in reality I should have wanted anything but.
I am unique,I have stretch marks everywhere and my fat jiggles when I walk.However,I am the first to do something about it and perform what I like to call ‘damage limitation’ but I’ll talk about that in another post.
Anyway,I’m rambling now and no one wants to read about a fat girl’s trials and tribulations with weight loss…oh wait..that’s why you’re here!
All I will say is,if it’s for health reasons,try and lose the weight for your own peace of mind but never do it for anyone else. The feeling is never the same as being inwardly happy with how well you are doing.


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