Upper Body Weights

So I’ve been avoiding upper body weights if I’m completely honest with myself. It’s only because I’m so weak in the arm area. I have no upper body strength what so ever.

So we did some arm and chest weights last night and I felt pitiful because I couldn’t do the harder press ups (still on my knees bear in mind)

I left sort of feeling like I hadn’t done much. Woke up this morning, felt ok. My arms ached a bit but nothing to write home about. Then got towards dinner time at work today and I got an itch in the middle of my back; so went to scratch and got an almighty pain in the top of my arm,Deltoids and Biceps area (I had to Google that). So now I know I worked hard last night and tomorrow the pain will be worse before it’s better (It always is).

Pretty little diagram of your arm muscles for ya!
Pretty little diagram of your arm muscles for ya!

We did 10-15 repetitions of pushing a long bar above our heads. 10-15 reps of holding 2 4kg weights and pushing them up to the sky. 10-15 reps of 3 kg weights starting from in front of us and going round in a big circle to end just above our heads but with our arms in front of us (that is a crap explanation I know). We also did 10-15 reps of push ups with these metal holding bars on the mat.

Lastly we did 10-15 reps of laying down on this cushion in front on this weight lifting apparatus, where you had to pull the weights from behind you with your hands (as if you’re about to give someone a hug) and contract by pulling your hands (arms bent) towards your stomach and then slowly back out again.

All this has completely knackered me as now I can’t even adjust my bra without my arms aching. However, no one ever got anywhere sat eating ice-cream did they?

No Pain, No Gain I suppose. Why can’t I just get fit whilst doing nothing.

I can dream…



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