Weigh Day! 25/6/14

Was actually looking forward to getting weighed this week and have to say, getting on those scales this morning did momentarily fill me with nervousness. I thought, ‘ Maybe those Desperadoes at the weekend hindered me too much’. But I lost just over 2lb! EEEEEK! Granted I thought I would have lost more as I exercised an extra day but they say its down to what you eat and I did have a lot of alcohol over the weekend.

So I posted my happiness on Facebook and was met with lots of people saying well done and that they need my motivation. I realised that I really am sticking to this thing and my mind-set has changed in the way I see food. This is a new revelation for me because I’m not used to being so fit and actually enjoying going to the gym!

I just hope when I get to 4 stone, I am spurred on to keep going and carry on losing the weight and writing everything down. These little losses really do spur me on to keep going to get fit and reduce my risk of a heart attack.

If for nothing else, my health has definitely improved. I’m not getting out of breath walking small distances anymore. I don’t break into a sweat as often anymore and I feel more confident about myself.

It seems so simple don’t you think?Just eat right and exercise and the benefits really are fantastic.

I just hope this is my life now and that I can keep it up!

Feeling fab

photo 2



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