Trying to make Keema Curry

I have this mince that I got from my local butchers. Ooo get me, I have a local butcher! He just happens to work directly across from my office so it’s convenience more than anything. I’m just lucky his mince is the best in Barnsley!

Anyway, tonight, I am making a Slimming version of keema curry with chips and naan bread for the hubby. The recipe is here:

My partner has said not to put carrots in but I thought, ‘Narners to you, I like carrots!’ so unbeknownst to him, they will be going in muhahahaha. I, of course am not having the naughty naans or oven chips but will probably do Slimming World chips and do without a naan. Or I could just have the keema with salad, which will still fill me up!

I shall let you know how it goes… Watch this space and I shall try not to burn myself this time!



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