Cheesy Veggie Wedges

These taste as nommy as they sound; no really they do!
I wouldn’t say I crave cheese but whenever I get some, I feel so naughty like I’m eating something I shouldn’t be eating… even if it’s only a small amount!
So when I saw this recipe in the Change4Life app, thought I’d give it a go. The recipe is for 4 people so I cut my ingredients in half to make it for my tea and for dinner the next day at work.

Here is my effort:

photo 2

It tasted fantastic! I put mine in the oven to cook the top though and cut mine in half and folded it over like an omelette onto my plate. I just had it with leafy salad.


You can get the recipe here:

It’s so easy to make and when you’re having one of those days where you just can’t be bothered, it doesn’t take long to make at all.

The only problem I had was my forgetfulness when I grabbed the searing hot pan handle and burnt my hand. That part was not fun…not one bit.

The pasta in the wedges is also really filling and you honestly do not need a lot. I was surprised by how far my 50 grams went! It only has 284 Calories per serving (4 servings in the Change4Life app)

Definitely try this if you’re struggling to find an evening meal that fills you when you can’t really be bothered to cook!




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