Current Measurements

Measuring tape

So last night whilst at the gym, another gym goer suggested I take my measurements to see if I can see the difference. So when I got home, my partner took them and I thought I would share 🙂

Chest (Bust)-49 inches

Stomach-44.5 inches

Hips/Waist (love handles)-54 inches

Bingo Wings (arms)-18 inches

Thigh-31 inches

I had taken my measurements a few months earlier but thought I hadn’t written them down but then about 5 minutes ago, I found measurements from the 5th March in my phone notes section. Here they are:

Chest (Bust)-50 inches

Stomach-53.5 inches

Hips/Waist-56.5 inches

Bingo Wings (arms)- 20 inches

I didn’t take my thigh measurements back then but have decided to do so from now on as I do a lot of cardio and think maybe I may see more of a difference there. It’s not as big of a difference as I would have hoped but it shows I have still gotten a bit smaller, which is a plus.

So definitely take your measurements if you haven’t already, you will see more of a difference than on the scales. Just remember to take them every month, and not every week because I doubt you would see a difference after 1 week.

These little things help me in my journey to check my progress. They’re a good motivator I find, so I recommend it! Go for it and take your measurements today and let me know how you do in a month’s time!



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