Today was Weigh Day!

Ok, so my weigh day is on a Wednesday morning. My mum goes to Slimming World on a Wednesday evening so I just thought it would be easier. After around a month of being stuck around 19 stone (last week I weighed 18 stone 13lb), I got on the scales this morning and my weight was…..18 stone 9lb and 3/4! My weight loss app

So I seem to have broken the plateau. I had a pretty crappy weekend food wise and thought I would have put on, so for damage limitation, I wrote every single food and drink item down and the calorific value to see how much my daily intake was.

It was difficult because I was conscious of everything I was putting into my body, right down to the milk in my coffee. However, it made me realise just how much I eat when I am making food or watching TV or just doing other things. Also because I was writing it down, I made myself eat less so it looked less bad, even though no one else would see it.

So a great week for me. Watch out in the exercise section for details on what I’ve been doing at the gym this week. 🙂



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