Mini Sit Ups Circuit

Yesterday was gym day with the bestie. We were both tired from work and other commitments that we didn’t really want to be there at all, but we went.

Towards the end of our session, Charley (bestie) suggested doing a mini circuit of sit ups to help tone our stomachs a bit.

So we laid side by side, feet tucked under two weight machines that no-one was using and placed a mat underneath our backs.

She led while I followed and we had three different weighted balls to hold to our chest and do sit ups at the same time. We started like this:

  • Charley did three sit ups with the 30kg ball on her chest and I simultaneously did three sit-ups without a ball.
  • I then did three sit ups with the 30kg ball whilst she did three without.
  • We did this with the 40kg and then the 50kg balls, each one doing sit ups whilst the one with the ball did the same. (Hope that makes sense!)
  • We then progressed to do more sit ups with each ball, so tried 6 of each (a bit harder).
  • We then pushed to do 6 of the 30kg, 9 of the 40kg and 6 of the 50kg balls,which made our tummy’s hurt!

Sit Ups

Charley reminded me that the point of this is to condition your body to step it up and to work harder, so next week, I would be more prepared to do more sit ups of the heavier weight. It worked! I felt good about myself that I had done the weights and feel confident that next week I can do more of the 50kg weighted balls.

This is a good exercise to do if you have a partner or a small group of you if you go to a gym. You could even do it with different weights of objects you might have at home.

What I found most interesting about this is that I found I could do more with my best friend there doing it with me. It’s all about motivation and helping each other and she definitely helped me last night when we were both feeling tired.

Having someone to be there for you in your weight loss journey is important because if you fall off the wagon, they are there to pick you back up and if you do well they are there to congratulate your success!




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