Chicken Katsu Curry

Ok so this is one of the better recipes I have tried from the Slimming World website (I am not endorsing Slimming World, they don’t pay me any money, my mum goes and tells me certain recipes she thinks are good)

Got home from the gym just before 8 and thought I would give it a go. I didn’t realise just how long it would take. There is a lot of preparation but I clearly didn’t read the comment below on the link which says, ‘well worth spending the time to make.’  So I dove into it blind. The link for the recipe is here: but will only work if you are registered for the lifeline online group.

The recipe can also be found here:

It says to use fresh breadcrumbs but I would toast the bread first as mine went a bit mushy on the bottom due to the chicken being wet. Also, I didn’t have a tenderiser to flatten the chicken, so I stole my partner’s hammer and battered it to death (massive stress reliever), which seemed to work just fine.

I also halved the ingredient because I was only making it for two meals instead of 4 (make sure you remember to halve all of the spices too as I ended up using too much chilli!).

When it came to blending the sauce, it did it in like 10 seconds flat due to the amount of water in it. I was pretty impressed by how much it looked like the one in the picture!

One difference; I get really bloated from eating rice, so I made mine with a few wedges with just salt and pepper on made from scratch and it was gorgeous!

My attempt is below for your viewing pleasure.

Chicken Katsu Curry

I would definitely recommend making this earlier in the day when you have time because it take a fair amount of messing about but the flavour is more than worth it, I guarantee!




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