Cardio Circuit Training

Those people who know me very well know that I despise exercise…massively despise it!

However, over the past few months, I have become accustomed to my local gym and it has become part of routine. I will never enjoy exercise as much as I do reading or listening to music but it is a necessary evil.

Yesterday, I went with my mum to our gym. After 10 minutes warming up, the instructor came over and suggested we join in on the cardio circuit because we had never done it before. So we reluctantly said yes.

It consisted of:

100 skips with a skipping rope

500 metres on the rowing machine

1km on the treadmill

2km on the bike

(This may not sound like a lot but you had to do it as fast as you could twice round)

My mum struggles with skipping and it doesn’t help that she suffers from asthma but she did really well. I just wanted to get it over and done with and so skipped for my life!Unfortunately, when we got round to the treadmill, everyone else was on it, so instead we had to do 10 minutes on the cross trainer, which neither of us are very good at. Needless to say, I was dripping with sweat afterwards.

We felt really chuffed that we’d done a cardio circuit twice because that’s a step up from what we had been doing but then Danny (instructor) said he wanted us to do it again and he had to give us a bit of hope to get us to do it!. So knackered, we proceeded to get on the bike for a third time. We didn’t time ourselves, just tried to go quickly to get it over with.

I would recommend you give it a go because although I had a crap weekend, I did this yesterday and got weighed this morning. It is quite an intense workout if you’re not used to this sort of training but it works! Let me know how it goes and I’ll keep posting my gym adventures here for you all to see!

me about 6 weeks ago
Me with Gym Gear on about 6 weeks ago.Had lost approximately 2 stone.



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